7 MUST DO tips for textured skin. Do these things for smooth skin| Dr Dray

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well hey guys in today's video I'm gonna

give you my tips as a dermatologist for

getting smooth skin and improving skin

texture I get a ton of questions from

you guys what can I do about textured

skin so these tips hopefully will help

you today's video is sponsored by co

maker of these wonderful reusable

silicone patches that I'll chat with you

guys about later that can really help

with skin smoothness my first tip is to

check in with your dermatologist or see

a dermatologist

obviously that's more challenging in the

current climate but many dermatologists

are still seeing patients actively

through a telemedicine platform and the

reason this is important is when you

guys say skin texture in my mind as a

dermatologist this can mean one of a

variety of different things for example