NBA 2K17 - MyNBA2K17 Mobile FaceScan Tutorial

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you're here because you want to learn

how to be better than me at NBA 2k 17

well I'm not teaching that today but

what I can teach is how to use the new

face camp feature on the my NBA 2k 17

mobile app to put your face into the

game open up the app and tap on the face

scam button and hold the phone in front

of your face get it all aligned with the

guides there you go also make sure your

lights are turned on in your room tap to

start and start slowly turning your head

back and forth nice and slow not too

slow that's a good speed back and forth

shaky-shaky remember the camera is

taking photos making your real face into

a video game face how awesome is that

so keep your face neutral no funny stuff

huh sooo you'll be in the video game and

in the real world it's not weird it's

pretty cool when you're finished you can