NBA2K17 Face Scan Tutorial - How to do it right (and wrong)

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hello everyone this is Sergio goes to

neucom and I'm going to show you how to

scan and import your facee to NBA 2k 17

scanning is done by using the my NBA 2k

17 app on your smart phone once you

install it from the app store make sure

you're linked up to your Playstation or

Xbox account by logging into it through

the app itself once you've done that on

the home screen of the app choose the

NBA 2k 17 by sliding the basketball to

the left and click on the scan your face

button this will begin the scanning

process scanning your face is not as

straightforward as you might think

Yap gives you tips on how to do it but

there are a lot of problems you can

encounter that's the reason why we made

this video to help you through the

process the first problem we have was

that by using an older phone HTC m7 this