NBA 2K16 Face Scan Tutorial - How To Get The Best Results Possible For MyPlayer | iPodKingCarter

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to ensure the best scan position

yourself in as much light as possible

natural light is best but in general the

more light the better and also be sure

to remove glasses hats or other

accessories and pull back any hair that

might cover your face your what's going

on everybody's your boy iPod King

Cartier you guys don't even have to

watch this video I made a face game

tutorial for last year's game and the

face handing is just the same so if you

want to go check that video out you can

but if you want to listen to this

tutorial you can as well the system is

still the same

the equipment is still the same let's

happen to it when your scan begins

you'll need to turn your head to the

left and right as slowly as possible

it's important to stay focused on the