NBA 2k17 MyCAREER - How to Make a PERFECT Face Scan! Greatest Face Scan Tutorial!

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yo what it do you - it's your boy gin so

so I'm gonna make this face scan

tutorial real quick real easy to

understand and if this helps you in any

way shape or form or you want to see

more tutorials for badges and other

craziness like that slap that like

button and if you got a friend out there

whose face scans looking crazy lob this

video their way tell them your boy jinto

got you so take a look at this first of

all what you guys want to do I noticed a

lot of people are getting black black

black blacker than black face gangs

maybe not even that black maybe just

dark spots on your face can first things

first I highly recommend using the front

camera not only are you able to actually

see yourself get scanned it's easy to

make sure you get all the light that you

need one quick tip when using this space