SALES INTERVIEW Questions And Answers (How To PASS Your Sales interview!)

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hi everybody my name is Richard McMunn

from the interview training company past

my interview calm and in this next

tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to pass

any kind of sales interview whatsoever

and in particular I'm gonna give you

some brilliant questions and unique

answers and it's my aim to get you to

pass your sales interview so before we

get into the questions and the answers a

very warm welcome to this tutorial

that's me there on the on the right hand

side my name is Richard McMunn and in

this video we're gonna focus on my top

tips for passing any kind of sales

interview and I will also give you some

unique answers to the questions that

you're going to get asked during your

sales interview as always please do make

sure you subscribe to this channel so

you don't miss out on any of the weekly