How to Overcome a Quarter-Life Crisis (3 Tips to Help You Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis)

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Hey there!

Welcome to Work in Progress, a how-to series that's meant to help you with everything from

prepping for a job interview, to boosting your confidence or negotiating a raise.

Here's today's question:

According to a LinkedIn study, 75% of people ages 25 to 33 experience having a quarter-life


And most of those people report that this crisis happens because one, they're not working

in a job they're passionate about, and two, because of the pressure they feel to compare

themselves to other people.

While this concern causes plenty of anxiety for everyone, it actually affects women even


According to the study, 50% of women, compared to 41% of men, reported feeling even more

anxious when it came to their quarter-life crisis.

And while we can't speed up this process for you—nor do we really want to because this

is part of your journey in your career and in your life—we can give you three tips

on how you can take action to really make the most of this period in your life.

Set a career vision.

Maybe you're stuck in the wrong industry, company, or job, and you feel like there's

no way of getting out.

Spoiler alert, it's definitely not too late.

But maybe you're also sitting there thinking, I don't have all the answers.