Face Pulls | How To Perform Them Properly

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face pools the exercise I'm going to

show you here not a common exercise but

I think it's a great isolation exercise

to target your traps but you will get

your rear delts within this exercise as

well now the correct way of doing this

is first by putting a rope attachment on

a high pulley here you're going to step

away until the way to removes itself

from this entire stack and you're gonna

pull up towards your head keeping your

elbows out to your side not down to the

bottom here either side of your head

your elbows should be pointing now you

can pretty much guarantee where elbow

wherever your elbows are pointing that

is the area of the back that you're

going to target in this case it's gonna

be the traps upper traps and rhomboids

so you're gonna pull towards your head