Minimize your large pores - Dermatologist Tips

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what's up everyone dr maxfield dr shaw

first of all

shout out to my pimple over here that we

extracted at the office yesterday if you

want to see how that went you can go

check out my tick tock because there's a

whole video of that pimple extraction

anyway i had i had to call that out in

the video in the beginning because i

knew it was going to pop up in the

comments i just ate mile them today

we're going to be talking about how to

shrink your pores whoa can it be even

done can it be even done

and it can't you can't shrink your pores

your pores are genetic but what we can


is many different techniques to help you

minimize the appearance of your pores

and i did this thing on tick tock live

the other day where i kind of went down