How To Deal With Toxic People? Gaur Gopal Das

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in a certain company a young employee

went to the HR head and said I can't

work here any longer I want to quit this

job the HR had asked why please tell me

what happened

the whole atmosphere is so toxic to my

mind replied the young man there are

people here who are into a lot of

politics then there are those who talk

negative all the time some spent most of

their time gossiping then working I

don't think I can handle this any longer

the HR head said ok but I have a request

to make before you leave the man asked

please tell me what can I do for you sir

but HR had said I want you to do this

one last thing sincerely I want you to

take a glass of water

filled to the brim and walk around the

office area three times without spilling

a single drop of water on the floor