Spider-Man Face Paint Tutorial - Step-By-Step Guide

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first take a bright red facepaint and

completely fill in the hole of the

forehead bringing it down to a point on

the top of the nose you need to make

sure you leave some space on the eyelids

clear because we are going to be using

white on this area later

if you find that your pain is a bit

see-through and streaky just go back

over the top with the second layer but

this time press it on rather than

dragging extend the red paint down onto

the tops of the cheekbones and then

create a nice neat line in the bottom of

the mask next take a white face pain and

fill in the area above the eyelids that

we left blank you can use the top of the

sponge to help create a nice neat line

again it's best to press the paint on

rather than dragging it to get a more

solid color