1-2-3 Kitty: Super Fast Face Painting

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hi guys welcome back to my name is

Heather green from silly farm comm and

I'm going to be showing you guys some

super super basic designs if you want to

learn more I encourage you to check out

Fabio TV but in the meantime to just

kind of get yourself started you'll want

to learn the easy basic design so I can

help you along the way and then you can

say hey it's for me it's not for me um

so when I first start off with a super

simple Kitty because when I'm doing

birthday parties kids ask me for the

same things no matter where I'm painting

no matter what time of day I'm painting

they're always asking for princesses

kitties tigers butterflies and those are

the popular things you freak that I do

me Oh spider-man well you're not a boy

but if she was a boy yes spider-man

Batman Tigers that's what kids are