Lady Gaga Skull Makeup | Halloween Tutorial | Alex Faction

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

jumping right in we're gonna use Mac

chromic in white and Sigma f80 to brush

which is my favorite all-time brush for

foundation and for face paint because it

does give you such an even blend and it

really does you know help avoid patching

us and all that good stuff and it's

really great to have a high quality tool

because it high quality tool can do so

much more with low quality makeup and it

can vice versa so in this video I'm

going to show you a lot of my favorite

brushes that are great for beauty makeup

and as well as special effects once you

have that way based on times taking the

P 86 brush just to even out any patches

so the camera didn't record me doing the

eyes which is unfortunate but it is

pretty simple you just do want to follow

a shape that's kind of like this we do