MUSTACHE Mania - Tips for Painting Facial Hair

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a penny a mustache is to get a boy or a

girl or whoever's getting it to look

like a man and this is perfect because I

want to show you the way a real man's

beard grows okay

so we have the mustache but notice this

is bare skin on this side and this is

bare skin over here on this side so when

you paint a beard and you go full on

from the bottom lip it's not going to

look very realistic and then it comes

down from the corner of the mouth and

then it curves up you want to pick the

side of the face that you're less

comfortable painting on okay so I

normally paint as much as I can over

here so I panting the wrong side first

it's more likely that I were going to

submit mustache we're gonna come down

and curl up not this is the ever classic