Monkey Face Paint Tutorial

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hi my name is Kiki and today we're going

to be meeting monthly you will need

light brown face beat dark brown face

paint black and white you also need a

sponge a chisel brush a medium brush and

a fine brush so the first thing I'm

going to do is take my chisel brush and

I'm going to load it up with light brown

face book

so we're going to create the middle part

of the face of the monkey with light

brown face paint and then we're gonna go

in with dark brown on the outside so for

monkey I like to make a V right there

and also like to make a meteorite on the

side of the cheek and you're gonna be on

this side of the team now we're going to

go in and fill this entire area right

here with the light brown and I'm going

to use a sponge for that