Beginners Clown Face Painting Tutorial | Snazaroo

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First, take a white Snazaroo face paint and use a large brush to create an arch going over the eyebrow.

Fill in the area underneath but don’t take it too close to the lash line so it’s easily removed.

Use a smaller brush to paint the white around the outside edges of the mouth in an exaggerated smile shape.

Switch over to red and apply a small amount of the make up onto the cheek area using a slightly damp sponge.

Paint a small circle right on the tip of the nose and then also use the red to completely fill in the lips.

You can also add a small red circle to the outside corners of the mouth and this will help the clown look more happy and smiley.

Next switch over to a black face paint and add in some eyebrows right along the top of the white arch.

Also use this black to add in a few vertical lines above and below the eyes.

Outline the bottom lip in between the red and the white paint.

As a final finishing touch, why not add some red glitter gel to the nose.