Easy Bunny Face Paint Tutorial

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hi my name is Olivia and I'm gonna do it

toriel bunny for Halloween first thing

we're gonna do is prime Olivia's eyelids

with concealer so that the eyeshadow

sticks all products that I use in this

video I'm going to have listed down

below I'm going to take a pink eyeshadow

and just dust all over the lids

if there's any fallout you can just take

a little wet wipe and clean up just the

spots that you don't want and if you

don't want to get all it all over the

sides then that's you can just take it

and wipe it all off just kind of give

her a rosy cheek the whole thing just

right in here just kind of that circle

next we're going to start with a pink

lipstick we're going to do all the pink

stuff first and then we'll go in and get

our bunny started I'm actually going to

take some lipstick and just draw and