How I survived workplace bullying | Sherry Benson-Podolchuk | TEDxWinnipeg

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Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Mile Živković

Bullying is a slow and painful death,

and probably someone you know right now is suffering in silence.

Bullies and leaders: these are two things we choose to be.

Why is this important to me?

For 20 years, I was a victim of workplace bullying and harassment,

as a female officer in the RCMP,

and having survived, I wanted to help other people not suffer in silence.

I want to share the tools I created to survive

because, remaining silent, I become part of the problem.

At my first detachment, I dared to speak up against two officers

who thought it was funny to refer to me as "beaver,"

and other humiliating names regarding my body parts, female body parts,

in the office, in public, and on the radio so other detachments could hear.

First thing I did was remember what my parents said,

"When kids are teasy, you just ignore it, and they'll stop, and it'll go away."

Well, it didn't.

I tried that and, sadly, eventually people in the community

were referring to me with those humiliating names.

Second strategy was the direct approach.

I went to each one and asked them to please stop calling me these names.