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hey guys welcome back this Lina so are

you guys facing a lot of problem with

acne redness and skin dullness I'm a

perfect solution for you guys I have

this amazing face mask it's the right

flat face mask and if you've liked this

or they're redness or reacting with all

its really good for oily skin - so let

me start now


but I couldn't face massive relief life

love this is about two tablespoons of

rice flour some honey and also to the

water so my mother will give me reply

about two differences of rice

I'm going to add honey today we require




cuz I submerge any water I flood after

you rinse the rice x equals four it

removes all your acne so all your oily

skin people out there this is really

good feeling definitely drive it and

honey mix it in really smooth it off the

guide is B Morenstein not which people

wash my face in shortly life because I

had just wash my face and if you see

both guys gr agree all you seem get

excited and who is forgot absolutely

exactly you won't have any problems if

we get rid of all your acne or never get

information so I hope this has been

useful I have to take math for sea life

and Alfie to life design