4 DIY Face Masks For ACNE | How To Get Rid Of Pimples OVERNIGHT

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hello my beautiful Nicolette welcome

back to my channel or hello if you're

new today is going to be the first video

for a few videos that I want to do on

this so this is going to be episode one

of a DIY face mask I did a video like

this a few months ago on a bunch of

different face masks which I'll link

down below but I thought I would do a

series on DIY face mask for specific

skin issues so as you can tell by the

title today I'm going to be sharing for

DIY face mask for acne prone skin so if

you want to try and get rid of acne and

pimples then this is the video for you

if you guys want to see other DIY face

masks whether it's for acne scars oily

skin dry skin you name it

leave your concern and I may do episode

2 on that one before I jump into it I

always like to throw out a disclaimer

and tell you guys that of course all our

skins are different I have very

sensitive skin it's worked very well for

me these masks but of course our skins

are different so it's really important

to test patch before applying it all

over your face I will link any other

skincare related videos down below if

you guys use any of these masks make

sure to take me on my Instagram it's at

nicoletta XO YT and that being said

let's jump into it as I said I am going

to share with you a for DIY face masks

that are really great for acne prone

skin these face masks work all really

well on my skin so hopefully they work

well for you before you apply any mask

onto your face you need to make sure

that your face is clean completely so I

always go in and just wash my face so

that you have a clean slate once you do

that it is time for the masking game so

the first one is super simple this is

just the aloe vera and tea tree oil mask

all you have to do is apply one

tablespoon of aloe vera and then you're

going to take a few drops of tea tree

oil I'm just using my tea tree oil from

the body shop I always use this one I'll

link it down below for you and then once

you do that you're just going to mix it

all up

but aloe vera gel is super a

octave because it has skin healing and

scar fading properties that are really

gonna help reduce any acne that you have

and scarring the teacher oil is

considered to be one of the most

powerful natural remedies to help treat

skin infections and also to reduce

inflammation so once you have the

mixture you're just going to apply it

all over the skin this mask feels super

cooling on the skin I love the way that

this mask made my skin feel you're going

to obviously avoid your eyes when

applying the mask and you're going to

keep it on for about 10 to 15 minutes

once you have it on for that long you're

just going to wash it off with some cold

water and then pat your skin dry you can

use this mask every other day if you

really want to help treat your acne and

minimize or fade any acne scars that you

have so this is one mask thank you you

can use a little bit more frequently

than the others these second DIY mask is

the nutmeg and honey mask and you only

need 1 tablespoon of nutmeg one

tablespoon of honey and then you're

going to take about 2 to 3 teaspoons of


once you have all these ingredients

you're just going to mix it all together

until you kind of have like a paste

consistency but this mask is super great

because nutmeg has been used for many

many years because it has potent

anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

properties so it's really gonna help to

reduce any spelling of pimples help with

clogged pores and as well as balance

your oil control while the honey is

really great for healing and it's super

hydrating to your skin and lastly the

milk is really great because it's a

gentle exfoliate and it helps the top

layers of your skin and also helps to

fade fine lines so once you have the

mixture made you're just going to apply

this all over your skin of course

avoiding your eyes and you can keep it

onto your skin for 10 to 15 minutes

before you wash it off with some warm

water for this mask I do like to do it

more once a week

the third DIY mask is the baking soda

mass of course you're going to need to

start off with some baking soda I put 2

tablespoons into a small bowl and

followed it up with 2 tablespoons of

water and then I just

put a few drops of lemon juice make sure

that it is fresh lemon juice when you do

this and then you're just going to mix

it all together until it is a paste

consistency baking soda is super great

because it balances the pH levels of

your skin and pH imbalances can lead to

acne baking soda also helps to dry out

the acne and this is great as well as

you are prone to oily skin also a very

great exfoliator and really helps remove

the dead skin cells and prevent future

breakouts and blackheads adding the

lemon to the mask is really great

because lemon juice disinfects your skin

and it removes the excess oil and it's

going to make your in feel tight because

it acts as a toner as well and closes

your pores but once you do have your

pace you're just going to apply it all

over your skin avoiding your eyes as

always let it sit there for 10 minutes

and then you are going to rinse it off

with some warm water and let me tell you

this mask made my skin feel super soft

especially where the nose is where all

your blackheads are it's going to get

rid of that it's gonna make your skin

feel so so soft and smooth you can use

this mask once a week or sparingly

whenever you feel like you need it but

definitely not more of them once a week

and the final DIY mask is a turmeric

mask to start off you're going to need a

1 teaspoon of plain yogurt then you are

going to move on to putting 1 teaspoon

of turmeric powder and to finish it off

1 teaspoon of honey once you put this

all into a bowl you're going to mix it

all together until it is a paste

consistency tumeric powder is super

great because it helps to destroy acne

bacteria that causes the inflammation

also remove excess oil from the skin and

it also has a lot of antibacterial

antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

properties that are really great for

treating acne yogurt is a superfood so

it has antibacterial and antifungal

properties it helps to kill existing

acne and stop further breakouts and it

also helps to improve your skin tone and

of course like I said honey is

a very great ingredient for hydrating

and nourishing the skin and to really

keep your pores clean and clear so once

you have the mixture you're just going

to apply it onto your face avoiding your

eyebrows or your mouth and your eyes and

you're going to keep it on for 20 to 30

minutes before you rinse it off with

some warm water when I took this off you

need to make sure that you also wash

your skin with a gentle cleanser because

it is a turmeric and turmeric does leave

an excess of yellow but once you rinse

it off with your cleanser it won't leave

anything after and before you do remove

it make sure to massage it into your

skin for two to three minutes but this

is just an overall amazing mask for acne

you can also use this mask once a week

or sparingly whenever you need to use it

but not more than once a week and of

course using any of these masks you

always need to follow up with a

moisturizer so take either an oil or

moisturizer I'm just using my Aveeno

daily moisturizer this is super great

for acne prone skin I really love this

one I will have a link down below for

you this has just been my moisturizer I

use on the daily but like I said it's

just really important that you do

moisturize your skin after using any of

these masks that is all for the video I

hope you guys enjoyed it thumbs up if

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