How to Setup Face Unlock on Honor 9 Lite

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hey guys welcome to gizmo time this is

the video that would explain how to use

the face unlock or set it up for the

additional security on your on a 9 light

smartphone this is the on a 9 light that

comes with a very beautiful body and

then it runs the emui the motion UI from

Huawei so to set it up for the face

unlock you'll see this option under the

security and privacy settings and when

you go into security and privacy

settings you'll see these options that

fingerprint ID face unlock and screen

lock and passwords when you hit down the

face unlock you'll first see that you

will be required to set up either

pattern pin or password so let's set up

one of them

I'll just set up the regular pin that we

use here this is how you can end all

your face after entering your face you

can unlock your device by lock looking

at the screen face unlock also lets you

keep the full content of the lockscreen

notifications concealed from everyone

but you to speed up the enrollment make

sure that the camera lens is clean and

that your face is unobstructed only your

face in a well-lit area away from the

direct sunlight also there are a few

other things that the device lets you

know about

so then this has finished out the face

but I'm not sure whether that happened

perfectly or not but this is these are

the options that you find that direct

unlock also this slide to unlock so you

can tap one of them slide to unlock it's

um something similar to the iPhone then

very hard to do the additional step of

sliding the screen to unlock after it

recognizes the face and unlocks it for

you but that unlock is the option that

you should usually go to now let me turn

off the screen and turn it on so this is

how easy it is it recognizes your face

pretty fast means that I am just

pressing this button to turn the screen

on and then you can see how fast it is

that's quite instant so this is how you

can set up the face unlock by going into

the settings security and privacy and

then face unlock and here you need to

first set it said the pattern or pin or

password whichever you are comfortable

with and then these are the options so

this was a quick guide for those who

didn't know how to set up the face

unlock on the online light or the emui

interface stay tuned for more tips and

tricks on this channel thank you