How To Face A Job Interview For Freshers

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hey there so in this video you're gonna learn how to make sure you're getting

interviews for the jobs you want you're gonna learn how to face your interviews

confidently and make sure that you're setting yourself up for success and

you're going to learn the thing that most people screw up on the first time

and how to prepare for it so you don't so I'm Natalie Fisher and I specialize

in helping freshers who have worked hard in the classroom and done everything

right but are still not getting those job offers that they hoped for so I'm

gonna help you reach your full potential and get into higher-level roles a lot

faster so you don't have to wait 10 years we can do it right now

stay tuned

so what does it take to really find a dream role even if you lack experience a

job that you look forward to each morning a job that when you're in the

shower and you're getting ready for work you're excited thinking about the

projects and the meetings that you've got going on that day instead of what

many people face which is boredom and dread I've worked at places like Amazon

FLIR Systems X matters and I've been on the other side of that table so I can

tell you what it's gonna take for you and how to shortcut your path to do it

so let's start with how to make sure you're getting interviews for the jobs

that you want so the first step is create opportunities instead of

competing for them so you can have an unlimited amount of interviews lined up

if you wanted to if you're struggling to get interviews in the first place or