Lessons Learned From Emetophobia: Stop Trying to Overcome Your Fears | ERIN KELLEY | TEDxUCincinnati

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for the next few minutes I'm going to

tell you three brief stories but before

I do I have a job for you all you have

to do is not think of a pink bunny

rabbit all you have to do just do not

think of a pink bunny rabbit my very

first story is about avoidance when I

was seven years old me and thirty other

girls on my dance team went home after

practice went to bed and woke up with

the stomach flu now this was the first

time in my life that I had thrown up and

it was miserable my mom stole jokes that

she's never seen someone talk and throw

up so much at the same time because in

between heaves I would say I hate this I

hate this I hate this but after three

days the heaving stopped and I got

better and a week later we went to go

get ice cream and as I watched the

customer in front of me order his gummy