How To Overcome Insecurity In A Relationship | Do THIS To Let Go Of Insecurity In Your Relationship

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My name is Coach Natalie, and I'm a relationship coach, and I have dedicated

my life to helping people like you answer questions like this. I have

coached thousands of people throughout the course of my career and the reason

I'm committing to this project - HAPPILY COMMITTED - the reason I started

this project - HAPPILY COMMITTED - was because I fundamentally believe that

with the right approach you can stay committed for the long run

That you can grow alongside your partner instead of growing apart from your

partner like anyone in a long term relationship. It's normal to know that

not every day is easy. We don't always feel sexy, we don't always feel confident

we don't always know what's gonna happen next. We're nervous. What is he feeling?Does

he still like us? Does he still want to sleep with us? Does he still want to

commit to us? All of these questions over time can start to chip at our

self-esteem and before you know it or feeling really insecure. So I wanted to

make this video for you at home to help you find the right ways to overcome

feeling insecure in your relationship so that you can stay HAPPILY COMMITTED to

the person that you love the most. When it comes to overcoming insecurity

there's a very humongous thing that I'm about to share with you that will make

all the difference in how you handle this moving forward. That thing is this:

if you're insecure in your relationship you're really just insecure with you.

I know. It's frustrating you just want to think that your partner is the reason