How to Lock WhatsApp with Face ID and Touch ID on iPhone

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how's it going everybody you're watching

that about that and today we've got an

amazing tip for you which is how to lock

here once I've app with your face ID

which is a face recognition system or

your touch ID which is the fingerprint

recognition system depending on your

iPhone model and that's pretty amazing

because it means that you can only

access your wat set by using your face

or your fingerprint making it much much

more secure let me show you how it looks

in action so here I've got my iPhone and

I'm gonna go pick what's up as you guys

can see and it is gonna ask for my face

ID otherwise it will not open

same thing for touch ID it works the

same way so let me show you how to get

that on your iPhone ok so first of all

let's make sure what's up is updated

because this feature was enabled through