Get Face id in any iPhone 🔥🔥 || How to get face id in iphone 6, 6s ,7, 7plus, 8, 8plus

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so hi guys welcome back to my youtube

channel this is jason and you are

watching it as well so guys in this

video guys today i'm going to show you

how you can get your

face id in any iphone the iphone which

is having touch id you can get face id

in these iphones

okay guys i hope you will understand the

topic of this

video so let's start guys without any

problem so firstly

you can see here this is my iphone 5s

you can also get this tweak in iphone 6

iphone 6s 7 plus 8 or 8 plus

okay guys so let's start guys without

any problem let's proceed to the video

so firstly guys you can see here let me

show you the preview of face id

so as you can see this is my iphone 5s

so let me swipe up