iPhone Face ID - All The Tips & Tricks To Know About.

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was Apple newly released iPhones I know

many of you are doing the switch from

touch ID to face ID and since believe it

or not it's been two years now since we

actually had this technology on the

iPhone 2017 was the release of the

iPhone 10 that was the first one I

actually got this new hardware and

during that time lots have changed so if

you're new to face ID or your user who's

currently using face ID this is gonna be

the complete guide of some awesome tips

and tricks that you should know about

face ID some hidden features some hidden

tricks you might not be aware of you

could do I'm gonna go ahead and cover

all that stuff in today's video let's go

ahead and start off with this first one

now the thing that everybody is mostly

concerned about when using face ID if

somebody would to happen to snatch your

phone away from you and point your phone

directly to your face well it's gonna

automatically unlock this is also very

concerning when you hand your phone off

to a stranger to help take a photo

because as soon as you make eye contact

to the screen it's gonna unlock so if

you ever encounter a situation if you

feel like you're being harassed by a

peacekeeper or security and they

confiscate your phone whatever the

situation may may be there's no way you

can truly disable this so you could pass

the phone to that person where the phone

won't unlock itself there's two ways to

do this one is the most common wit

method is by simply holding up the

volume up and power button at the same

time it takes about three seconds to get

this menu when the power off screen pops

up hit cancel and now if you notice face

ID no longer unlocks your phone because

it's now temporary disabled if you want

to re-enable this simply enter the

passcode and face ID is back to normal

so at this state you can simply hand

over your phone to the person

confiscating your phone or that nearby

stranger you wish for them to help you

take a photo but the best method that I

personally like doing is simply unlock

your phone power off the device tap

volume up down and power button and it

instantly takes you to this screen that

literally took less than a second

depends how quick you can actually enter

those combo buttons but simply tap

cancel and now your face ID is disabled

and to re-enable it enter your passcode

and bam face ID is back to normal notice

next tip is enabled your notification

previews on certain application

by default with face ID all your private

messages on social media or even text

messages it's gonna be left private

where it's not gonna show you a preview

on the lockscreen until you unlock your

device which is awesome but not every

application requires this feature for

example I really don't mind if other

people see who likes my pose on

Instagram or what sells going on on

Amazon I like to see that preview on my

lock screen without having it required

to actually physically pick up the phone

and unlock it so to quickly enable this

you just simply launch the setting

application tap on notifications and on

top where it says show previews when

it's left on always it's gonna show the

full message of the application I'm not

just control center but also on the lock

screen and then when unlocked that means

as soon as face ID detects that that's

you it's gonna show you the preview at

the home screen as well as to control

center once you're inside your phone

never means it's not gonna show you

nothing it's just gonna show you the

icon notification from that application

on both the lock screen and inside the

control center and once you're in your

phone so let's go ahead and leave it to

went unlocked because what we want to do

is go into our notification styles from

here let's go ahead and select Amazon

because that was our example and where

it says show preview you see those three

options again so let's select always now

whenever we receive that notification by

Amazon it's gonna show you the preview

on both the lock screen and inside a

notification center that I think I was

at didn't like calling control center

apologies so now if you're across the

room or you have your phone like on the

flat surface you're not gonna be

required to grab the phone and unlock it

with face ID in order to preview that

message so there's certain applications

you wish to enable this that's how you

could do that sorry I had an incoming

call but where was I oh yeah

tension aware that's gonna be the next

one on our list this feature is really

cool just got added later on like during

the iPhone 10s and the 10r and isn't

really heavily talked about or covered

as much which is located by simply going

into your settings tap on face ID and

passcode enter your passcode and down

here is where you find the attention

awareness feature to enable or disable


what this feature does when this is

enabled the iPhone will monitor and keep

track of your eyeballs for example so

that the phone knows that you are indeed

making contact in the screen as soon as

you take your face your eyes off the

screen the screen will automatically dim

down and it not only does that it also

if you have your alarm on your phone for

example let's say you have your alarm at

6 a.m. every morning but you woke up a

minute or two early and you happen to be

holding your phone and you totally

forgot you that your alarm is about to

go off typically what's this disabled

when the alarm rings it's gonna go at

full blast full volume because the

phone's not gonna know that you're

holding it and looking at it directly

but when this feature is enabled when

the alarm does go off and you happen to

be holding it like right in front of you

it's not gonna be super loud it's

actually gonna start ringing at a low

rate that's a feature that Apple

innovated and it's really useful and

then right above that feature here's

another little cool tip right above

there you see something that says

require attention for face ID when you

actually disable this you're not gonna

be required to actually make eye contact

to the display in order for your iPhone

to actually unlock itself disabling this

this allows you to get quicker access to

your phone because face ID unlocks much

quicker than ever before but there is a

huge con to this but if somebody would

actually got access to your phone and

your sleep for example they can't

technically point the phone at your face

and it will unlock itself just keep that

in mind but the benefits of knowing

about this cool little trick let's say

for example you're wearing some large

pair of sunglasses or if you have a

large hat on and facing these having a

hard time detecting your eyes this is

what you could disable if you always

find yourself experiencing this issue

but disabling this this means you can

wear sunglasses and the phone will never

have a hard time unlocking itself but

there's actually another method you can

do to help resolve this issue on top if

we go up a little bit there's something

that says alternative appearance if you

set this up while wearing your apparel

accessories and you set up a new face ID

and you go through the setup process

with face ID while wearing those

accessories the iPhone already has a new

encrypted profile of you wearing those

sunglasses and shouldn't have any issues

on lock in anymore

you can also set another person to have

access to your phone by using


for example if you have a spouse you

wish to also give access to your phone

you can set them up here or if you know

somebody else you can trust to get

access to your phone you can set up

their face ID profile right here the max

number appearance or people you can set

up it's only two though just keep that

in mind and if you somehow managed to

mess something up underneath that you

see a reset face ID when you hit that

literally everything gets reset it so

you're gonna be required to set up face

ID again

and all your face ID logging in

applications like banking all that's

gonna be reset just keep that in mind

but if you need to reset everything

that's how you'll do so now back at this

home lock screen menu what typically

happens it's okay if faison the fells

like maybe you had your eye closed or

face ID was position you had your film

position in a wrong direction so it

didn't unlock and instead of tapping on

the power button and reset the entire

process you go actually swipe from the

bottom to reset face ID you going do it

for three miles right in case it fails

but by simply swiping from the bottom

and up you are giving three additional

tries for a face ID to unlock itself

after the third one whoa face that he's

gonna get disabled and you're gonna be

required to enter your passcode my next

tip is control with face ID unlocks I

don't know about you but every time I

found out I could make app purchases by

just simply looking at my phone I always

had the fear that I want to buy

something on accident which is why I

definitely recommend checking out this

next setting to change back inside the

study and application or on our iOS

device go into face ID and passcode on

the very top you could disable the stuff

you don't want face idea to appear so

instead it's gonna ask you for your

password so if we go ahead and disable

iTunes and App Store now you are

required to enter your iTunes password

in order to make purchase transactions

this also includes in-game app purchases

not as last one is somewhat of a bonus

because the hardware dat face ID uses is

like blue IR lights now like map out

certain areas is what it's using to map

out three-dimensional objects in other

words that's how face I need maps out

your face but there's actually quite a

few applications that allow you to

actually utilize this hardware to create

some three-dimensional subjects so for

example here's me launching this crative

app which I also have linked in the

description down below if you're

interested to also download it it's a

free to download applique

but what this thing allows you to do is

you can scan objects and save it on your

device in a three-dimensional form this

is somewhat similar to like what the

note 10 has except that the nil 10

actually has it on the backside and

scanning three-dimensional objects like

this it's also somewhat difficult

because the screens right from the

object you can't really see if you're

making a correct rotation but once

you've successfully done a

three-dimensional scan I mean like it

looks really cool but I really don't

know what to do with this kind of

hardware now but I mean I to the right

person to the person that has a three

dimension and graphic designing

profession I mean this could be a really

useful tool but again I would rather go

use the note 10 if you actually need

this feature cuz on no.10 again it's

located in the back doing out this side

was a screen right here it's somewhat

difficult and challenging but needless

to say this is still a really fun

feature to really utilize that hardware

and creating three-dimensional stuff and

now that's everything there is to know

about face ID hope you guys learned

something new I was actually genuinely

surprised how much there actually was to

cover now if you happen to own an Apple

watch you want to check out some of the

new hidden features inside the settings

of watch OS 6 definitely do check out

this video right here as I go ahead and

cover all that good stuff and more in

that video and in this video over here

that is a video that YouTube it's

recommending pacifically for you and

they think you're gonna enjoy so go

ahead and check that out and comment

down below and let me know if YouTube

was right with that said take care of

one I'm signing out bye