How to cut perfect face framing layers for long hair

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alright guys so today's video we're

gonna cut a face frame we're gonna do it

with the center parting now if your

guest wears a side parting then you

would do this a little bit different I'm

gonna make a separate video for that so

this is based on a center symmetrical

shape that we're creating so I take the

center down center back parting and then

I take a diagonal forward parting from

that right to the hairline so and what I

do is I over direct that over to me

across the chair across the face and

what I'm doing is I'm cutting a line

almost parallel to that parting now if

you wanted a little bit more of an

extreme face frame then you could shift

your finger angle a little bit but the

biggest thing that I want you to focus

on is my elevation because I don't cut

this super low a lot of people hold it