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learning the basics of caddy making can

really enhance your woodworking skills

I'm gonna build these set of cabinets in

this video today using 3/4 inch plywood

with 3/4 inch face frames that are

pocket screw together I've got really

easy doors and drawers I'm gonna show

you how to make stub tenon groove drawer

boxes are made with half-blind dovetails

simple Hardware simple tools let's get

started okay in this section we're going

to build the bass carcass as you can see

3/4 inch plywood I use from all the

parts it's just a fairly efficient use

of material and it's also very sturdy I

like to use 3/4 material also because I

use pocket screws for joinery

gives me plenty of material to grab

ahold of so what kind of walkthrough the

components here I've got 2 sides each