How to Overcome Financial Problems

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if you don't know exactly how you're

gonna pay the bills at the end of this

month keep watching this video the lack

of money kills ambition and creativity

and if you are struggling financially

you need to listen to these steps so

that you can overcome your financial

struggles so listen up the first tip is

to realize your Creator and basically

what I'm saying is to realize what God

is doing in your life a lot of times we

don't want to admit that we need to

change but as soon as we see our bank

account hitting a number that we

absolutely despise what else are we

going to do but think of God when I say

realize your Creator what I'm basically

saying is that whenever you're stuck in

financial turmoil you have to realize

that there's something greater out there

asking you to make personal changes in

your life now instead of destroying your

health or taking a loved one or

affecting you in any other way God is

affecting your bank account so you can

grasp your attention so it can force you

to question yourself and your actions

which will lead into positive change

what he's basically asking is do you

have more faith in me than you do in

money you see a lot of people have more

faith in money than they have in God a

lot of people think that their finances

provide them the security that they need

in order to live their life successfully

and they lose sight of God in the

process what I'm also saying is that the

universe will disrupt your pattern of

life in order to change your way of

thinking and a lot of times that happens

through financial methods now instead of

seeing it as a punishment you need to

see it as a blessing you need to receive

joy from this problem

and start to look for a solution so that

you can never be in this situation again

in other words what I'm saying is that

when you notice the Lord blessings will

chase you down when you realize who God

really is and that he provides the hand

of abundance you will get a hand up and

you will receive the Divine Right of

abundance that you righteously deserve

number two now that God got your

attention you now have to realize your

blessings you have to count your

blessings you have to realize the things

that you have

instead of moping about the things that

you don't have if you count your

blessings every single day you can never

be poor it's impossible if you're

thankful for every little thing that you

have whether it has been given to you at

birth like your eyes and your hands or

something that you were given to by

other people

like a hug or a kiss or a handshake or a

car or some clothes whatever it is if

you account for every single blessing

that you have it will multiply that's

the law of the universe that's the law

of God what I want you to do is make a

list of ten things that you're thankful

for that's right Paul a sheet of paper

and write down ten things that you're

thankful for right now now if you can do

ten then that's great if you could do a

hundred even better but what I'm getting

you to do is to practice what you have

instead of worrying about what you don't

have you know it's easy to get hard on

yourself it's easy to say you know what

man I only have ten dollars in the bank

or I only have $1,000 in the bank and to

really think that that's nothing but the

moment you start to count your blessings

you'll receive this unspeakable joy

you'll have this immeasurable feeling of

success you will have this level of

gratitude that you never had before

because you realize who your Creator was

and you began to count your blessings

the third step is to begin giving once

you realize exactly what your blessings

are it's time to give it away to other

people now you might be saying well I

don't have that much to give I can't

give people all this money but what I'm

saying is that now that you realize what

your blessings are give some of those

blessings away because there's other

people who are less fortunate than you

or there's other people that may be more

fortunate than you but can use your

blessings which in turn can help you to

receive even more what I'm basically

saying is to give in a way that you'd

never have before

so for instance if you have a gift of

music and you can sing for people or you

can play an instrument go ahead and do


if you have something in the closet that

you can give away maybe some shoes or a

belt or a hat or a jacket go ahead and

someone who is in need or maybe you have

some time and you can volunteer your

services go ahead and do that but

basically what I'm saying is to give

yourself away get lost in volunteering

get lost in giving and eventually the

blessings will return prove to the

universe that you will always have more

than enough and that you're willing to

pass it on because the moment you start

thinking like that the moment the

universe will start working in your

favor and give you every blessing that

you deserve

always remember that massive acts of

kindness will always provide you with

great wealth and prosperity so go out

there and give yourself away give

yourself to the people that need you the

most the fourth tip is don't panic look

my friends no one knows exactly what

your financial circumstances may be

except for you but the moment you begin

panicking the moment you become

desperate the moment you start worrying

about the things you cannot change

immediately is a moment people will

begin to realize it is a moment well you

will start to lose faith in yourself and

you will start doing things that is not

in your favor you'll start doing things

that are not beneficial to you and those

you interact with like I said before no

one is gonna know that you're struggling

financially unless you tell them you

know I once talked to Heller and he told

me that the richest people are the ones

that look poor and the poorest people

are the ones that look rich what I'm

basically saying is just be confident

don't let your self-esteem be affected

by how much money you have because no

one is gonna look at you and say oh that

person is rich oh that person is poor

people don't judge you based on your

wealth they judge you based on what they

perceive you can be but they don't judge

you based on what you actually have so

when you're confident you can just be


and express yourself freely knowing that

eventually you'll become the kind of

person that you want to be and you will

receive wealth the fifth step for

overcoming your financial problems is to

review your finances this is an easy

step to skip because the moment

look into her bank account it's

repulsive it's not something we want to

face it's something that might be hard

to deal with and quite frankly we might

even be embarrassed what I'm basically

saying is to face your fears do whatever

it takes to overcome your financial

struggles if you have debt deal with it

if you've been overspending deal with it

if you've been doing things that you

know you shouldn't be doing with money

become more responsible and face your

reality check your financial statements

all the time make sure that every single

expenditure is helping you to live your

divine purpose let me give you a clear

example of how you can check your

expenses and how it can save your life

let's say you print out your bank

statements and you look at your expenses

and you realize that so many of them

were purchased emotionally instead of

logically you realize that they have

nothing to do with your purpose that

maybe they were based on entertainment

maybe it was a vacation maybe it was

tickets to the football game whatever it

was you have to face the reality of your

purchases and decide to do it no more

once you begin to do that your finances

will change and you will overcome your

financial problems another element to

this is that if you look at your

paycheck and you firmly believe that

this is not enough it is not going to

help you to sustain the lifestyle that

you want to create for yourself it's

time to mentally accept a pay raise and

start doing whatever it takes to add

more value to help more people and to

earn more money the sixth way to deal

with your financial problems is to deal

with your debt look my friends you might

be receiving bills in the mail or maybe

you receive a periodical phone call from

your debtors but if you keep on ignoring

them eventually it's going to affect

your credit eventually is gonna affect

the way you think eventually it's gonna

bother you so much that you can't deal

with it anymore which can lead to an

emotional breakdown so what I'm

basically saying is to deal with your

debtors assertively a lot of times you

can make a simple phone call and lower

the interest rates or maybe you can


payment or maybe you could renegotiate

terms there's always a way to deal with

that but you have to be strategic and

you have to be brave before you take any

action toward your debt

number seven is seek financial help

there's so many professionals that have

already achieved exactly what you're

looking to achieve but you need to ask

them for help you need to put your pride

on the side and confront your ego

confront yourself and realize you know

what I gotta make a change you know what

I need this person's help you know what

I need some advice because people want

to help you in fact they want to help

you more than you think they do and so

you need to reach out to them and ask

them straight questions that can help

you to become more financially stable if

you're in business and you want to grow

there's a lot of people you need to

surround yourself with you need to

surround yourself with a good coach you

definitely need a good accountant you

need great lawyers and you need a whole

bunch of people that can help you do

things like taxes that can help you plan

your retirement that can help you with

your insurances and everything that you

do so that you can achieve the financial

status that you're looking for learning

about money is the first step to

achieving wealth and the best way to

learn about money is to talk to people

who actually have it when you do that

you'll learn so much more and eventually

you'll become as wealthy as you need to

be number eight is start over once you

change your mentality

once you Connard your blessings once you

begin giving once you start getting with

financially savvy people once you review

your finances once you've done all of

these steps before that we discussed now

it's time to begin again now it's time

to start completely from scratch and

start to do things in a way that you've

never done before remember that there's

three phases in life worship working and

waiting and no matter where you are in

your life you have to decide exactly

which one of these that you have to do

in order to get to where you need to be

remember that you are the master of your

money your money can never master you so

take control of your finances

right now and overcome all your

financial problems by following the

recommended steps in this video thank

you for watching this video my friends I

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