How to Overcome a Fear of Spider Quickly

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Even though they’re a fraction of our size, seeing those eight-legged terrors scuttle

around our homes can give us the creeps!

Arachnophobia is the actual diagnosis of an “unreasonable” fear of spiders; but I

don’t think it’s that unreasonable!

Wouldn’t you just love to put your fear behind you?

I know I would!

Even for people who aren’t full-blown arachnophobes, suppressing the shudder of disgust most of

us feel when we see a spider would take a long time.


Think again!

It turns out that a study done by Israeli scientists found a way to reduce the fear

of spiders by 20% – in 7 seconds!

Sounds unbelievable to me.

We’re all familiar with the Marvel comic book hero Spider Man, right?

He “can do whatever a spider can” – he can climb walls and shoot webs out of his

wrists; he can swing from those webs and trap bad guys in them.

Spider Man continues to be the cornerstone of childhood for kids, and a treasured memory

to be passed down for adults.

So what does Peter Parker have to do with that experiment I mentioned earlier?

The scientists split participants into 2 groups: a control group and an “intervention”