OVERCOME FEAR OF FLYING | 5 BEST Tips From a Flight Attendant

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hey guys welcome back to my flight

attendant secrets series Shh in this

series I share with you guys my secret

flight attendant knowledge that I've

acquired over the years from being a

flight attendant so are you a nervous

flier do you have fear of flying is your

fear prohibiting you prohibiting you

from travelling in the world one of the

number one things I get asked on my

youtube channel and on my Instagram is

what are my tips and tricks for nervous

Flyers it's like legit it's a thing like

people are really scared to fly and to

go on an airplane so I gathered my top

five tips and tricks that you guys can

do to maybe help you be a little less

nervous and take that vacation that

maybe you've been putting off starting

with tip number one get to the airport

in st. Leo early if they recommend that