Failure To Success: From Failing 4 Times To Becoming A CA | CA Aashish Sachdev | Josh Talks

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third class may rank liquor gaya Amisha

Alaska top student raha I went for

commerce at reformers and I went for

chartered accountancy when the results

came have a shock to see I think

Marinella cap my Tootsie Ottoman merica

mooch exam Denis McDonough boy botany CN

a manual a keen mommy leaking Papa my

art mechanical whir my couch conga


hey guys my name is Asha such Dave and

I'm a seer by practice and training

educator and trainer by passion and

today I am here to share my story with

you guys

map nice story my bath car walkie

history kc-x student jo ik class top

Eartha arch tuck zindagi make abuse knee

failure Nakata was shaky exam data or

Azmi egg the fauna he though the fauna

he teen nahin char bar fail hooter hey

orchids 3 ke sev odds up locus Omni epic

Araya mapme story may upset domain

points Cooper bath carnage a town the

first point that I want to talk is the

never give up spirit and the second

point that I want to talk is certain

core values that each one of us has Mira

John a middle-class family memoir and I

remember that my father was a clerk and

he used to spend three months of his

salary of his yearly salary do you know

send me and my younger sister to great

schools my mom was a private school

teacher both difficulty Dicky was time

pay busca bad history case a par hai ki

her class me rank liquor kya hamesha

class cur top student raha and Jeff

class 10th May when there is a phase in

your life and you have to decide your

career when you have decide which field

you want to go I took commerce and the

reason I chose this career I chose C as

a career the story goes back to class

three the third class mamatha Mary

passed limerick dosed by Tucker Tata

every day that boy used to bring

beautiful box boxes pencils colors and

you know fancy stuff I used to look at

them and I used to ask him where did you

get all this and he used to tell me all

this is given to me by my father and I

used to ask him what he does t3 class

kibbutz out I have a thought leader

Elizabeth Carter

revolted ah he's a chartered accountant

tops a egg bath the magma tea that she


people and that is why I went for


I took commerce and I went for Chartered

Accountancy as my profession CMA as you

all know there are three phases see a

foundation intermediate and see a final

foundation can there himera time phase

CPT who occur Tata

that was a very easy exam for me I

cleared it with flying colors after that

one of my brothers my elder brothers

whose name which a CA course kibarim a

boarder our kata as you all know see

results are very less very low in

numbers so used to always you know tell

me get to see any cop I got fellow this

may institute fill car they got this and

that and that too much boho Dhara who

was say him our intermediate keep

preparation charata or men associate

hockey drove though groups may say make

even a key group guy exam Duma but Mary

friends Joe keyboard supportive de uno

name is support Kia Orana kaha Kenai you

give both groups you are a very bright

student you will be able to clear it

intermediate tomorrow clear ho jaga many

intermediate cake dono groups the a

first attempt me Mara intermediate clear

hygge who skip out teen sulky training

in all those three years I was actively

associated with these student activities

in my training that was the golden part

of life and it's my request to all the

students out there up up knee

internships or training scope kappa v

minik or a ver subsea cha ik face who

thousand Iike where you learn different

stuff where you learn how to live life

was kebab bath cart they have final

phase skis are my final exams may aya or

may not know first attempt dia CA final

exams car when I gave my first attempt

of CA Finals my preparation was

excellent it was brilliant

and I thought that I'll make it but on

the day of the result when the results

came I was shocked to see I failed both

painful car take then pop carro a bother


next day I remember I had to go to

Mumbai for audit marry Bhaskar my first

phone ayah he told me Ashish way back me

who that either

it's Chartered Accountancy see a full

form had come again you have to come

again I started smiling algorithm ticket

miracle parity ticket Laker came a train

which are miroslava dosia Bhangra Aquila

do bar track with barfi barter I've pre

and me hamsa blogs are a and that

feeling that pain I can remember exam he

never have become Carnegie bad Jaipur

occur K reporting Carnegie bod I started

preparing again next attempt Kelly next

attempt Lee bought Tariq a super high

key it's not per ha / taper temuco Tabu

peso Jakarta Bo show that kurta take

three keys up kiss at a job next attempt

dia exam liquor kaya mo cheetah is the

fogger result Kadeem again I failed and

friends that was the day where

depression came into my life and it was

so painful for a student who knows in

and out of the course to fail in C exams

it was so painful I went into depression

makisi say Bhatnagar Hauschka bath I

used to sleep for hours and hours after

that day and it was so painful and bad I

shaved my head which I eat now Doku ah

it's not a cliff or whose failure kobato

mujin a pitama name is kebab will cool /

hi Nikki though Mohini attack April May

March and May holy I was the mochila

rocky boss / hi Carly Nietzsche and the

third attempt when I was to give my

third attempt Meera cousin by Jamaat

said show Tata exile busca final attempt

ah Houska final exam tiny was sitting

for both groups

I live in a joint family kind of

situation tohe Maura connection family

may both strong a

to eat but chalky occur Rama me pop

always used to compare and

throughout he was an average student I

was a bright student topper in my class

- mummy Papa will act at hockey if

Ashish is doing it he will you know

he'll be a bit behind that but that time

hum dono SOT stage by Kirkuk oddity hum

dono ko exam like Natha mera exam

clearly what I see if I know mu JB exam

like NASA who say up enough first

attempt another many eight Mahina

prepare kar ke exam Lika paper both

achieve a girl param amigo Valdez but

they're a bit apostle gaya Rafi very

behind exam like a Volta pathani history

cake exam hue hey see exams are

unexpected results are unexpected

numbers are few result Kadeem I remember

he cleared he became a chartered

accountant my brother or may face at3

the FIR see a final may fail ho gaya

which is how much many are Atacama bro

ya Hassoun would depression cafes

continued ha Muji so much meaning i aki

yahoo a mere saath mera car may

jessamine a Pattaya joint family

situation had daddy was crying cha-cha

was bringing sweets it was so painful so

different difficult all my relatives

mama boom OCD used to ask me he cleared

why not you it is very difficult to make

them understand buffay's continued aha

jump next attempt lima prepare kartha mu

j yada

I remember there were days when I used

to sit along with my books and not study

a single word every day in the morning

me and my mom used to wake up and then I

used to cry for half an hour every day

just to think and ponder why I failed

third time and when I used to study I

knew everything I used to feel 4th time

job attempt day Nikki Bari I was then

via Dutch team jihad hey Mary behind mu

J Dilla Kia Marin Elega

my toot gasps awesome a mannequin muche

examining Jana Marie Bimini

been a father named Jay Sedwick our


prepare key I went to give the exam take

the exam and they're examining a car but

smelly querque Armenia Kirkham amigo

kereama means bad my feel Rama glad

everything mommy bully Balki exams to

today manic imagine a DNA Jessie Tessa

prepare Kirk a fourth attempt in the car

moocher potami failure envelope uske

baad vu it Vista chapter failure

continue Kara me realize me escape bad

me Becca or many suture me copy are


Moochie audit up there was a national

conference in which I wrote a paper and

I got selected and it was in orange Abad

I asked my parents that I want to go to

Iran gabbatha and I want to make myself

better make myself feel good I was

failing again and again fourth time it

was the fourth time that I was have

given and I was expecting failure for

the fourth time my mom that they were

you know they became a bit conscious

they thought that but chuckling suicidal

Tonio jaga people are killing amazing a

man come and him are you mwah

I have that never give up spirit boy

bath nice here name when you awaken

mommy leaking Papa may at Mitanni Cormac

coach Kirk jung-hwa Moochie apnea put he

can I please give me some time

they had trust in me they had faith in

me miguel orange Abad or waha see many

apnea OSA media I thought about how I

was a student in school

Mirek core values can he make history k

kabocha who make history k Quebec to

whom I love to interact with people I

love to do different things

vote easy it see a key but hike a door

on many he Kurata

I came back to them after my orange

about trip I came back to them I started

youtubing I started blogging many us

kiba's was up to come she Rukia or job

January me result

ayah fourth attempt car may fail hygge

leaking is bar make the fabin area or

fill say John Locke occur keeper hi

curry diligwa car

I carry it me for I carry key of my

minica the other beta there is one fail

who ganna do the vodkas Makarov a per

job result AIA job last fifth at MMA

result aya those who marks way home look

pass okay insieme a group candor charge

so max give everything those of the pass

okay Mira do so egg number I was then it

make cushy hui it Nick who Shi Hui t Joe

core values T oh no name would've APIs

locker key it's successful Chartered

Accountant when I'm standing in front of

you as a CA I practice and train so many

students today and this is all because

of two things that I want that all of

you should inculcate in yourself the

first thing is never give up spirit go

eat tumse last-minute pooch eager kidney

bottom attempt de kercadiou once you'll

be complete will be a complete person

then never give up spirit go about Nene

Otto Pharaoh taiga and the second thing

I see beautiful cheesy up sub me hair

much my hair up my hair hum submit all

those good values you should identify

yourself and then keep up to them to

Kiva he values her life my boat's re as

a moment Sangay when will be bogged down

up Kula gigas in the geek item of a lake

in boss tub years of cheesy pop co Papa

silicic angry last May I want to

conclude with a beautiful saying

obviously manzil fauna Bucky hey avi as

Lehmann self on Ibaka hey

avi horse loco osmanovic e hair a veto

Lee hey Mookie versa me a VTOL na Ozma

and Bucky hey Abbott Allah

thank you tell us what you think about

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