Exam Tips! Watch this before your Exams - Sajid Umar

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bismillahirrahmanirrahim hamdulillah or

salat wa salam o allah rasool allah wa

ala aalihi wa sahbihi woman wala my dear

brothers and sisters in islam especially

those who are writing exams assalamu

alaykum warahmatullahi or burkett some

of my students obviously in this exam

period or close to writing exams and

they asked for some advice and as i

thought that i share a little video with

some advice pertaining to examinations

and writing examinations especially

since I have Subhan Allah had to sit my

fair share of exams and al hamdulillah

throughout the period of Allah has

blessed me to understand the few

practices that definitely assist in

reducing the stress of exams and

assisting a student in performing well

insha'Allah in these exam so in terms of

advice my dear brothers and sisters and