Sick with Exam Fear? This Will Help - Sadhguru

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Isha Vidhya Kid: Namaskaram Sadhguru.

Can you tell us,

what are the measures

to adapt to improve our memory power

and how can we overcome from our exam fear?

Sadhguru: Exam fear, oh (Laughter)!

You’re asking the right one (Laughter).

Straight from the horse’s mouth,

somebody who had no fear of examination ever (Laughter/Applause).

That was my father’s greatest concern

that I had no fear of examination (Laughter).

He’d say, “Oh, this boy has no fear,

what to do ?” (Laughter/Applause)?

This is the whole thing.

You are asking this question, it’s good,

but you must first understand,

somewhere it’s spread around in this world;

in the society

that fear is some kind of a virtue.

Fear is not a virtue;

fear makes you into the ugliest possible creature.