When you Face Difficulties in Life - Understand This to Get Motivated | Swami Mukundananda

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if you wish to reach that final goal you

have to deserve by developing the

qualities required for it developing the

purity of heart required and those

quality is that purity of heart is what

the religious traditions in the world

are teaching us to invite and the

difficulties that come along the way


very often good things that are

happening to us a father had two sons

he asked both of them to work hard in

the field one son went out into the Sun

and toiled all day long in the heat

sweating it out when he returned at

night the father was delighted the

father said my son you have been loyal

faithful dedicated hard-working here is

your reward

take five hundred dollars go and do what

you like the second son did nothing

he kept lying on his bed kept drinking

alcohol smoking amusing the father at

night if the father becomes whimsically

merciful and says all right my son never

mind after all you are also my child and

I am your kind and compassionate father

yes five hundred dollars go do what you

like do you know what will be the

consequence of that

the first son's faith in dedication and

hard work will be shattered he will say

is this the justice of my father I work

hard all day and he rewarded me with

five hundred dollars my brother did

nothing he also got five hundred dollars

if this is the system of rewards that my

father follows then I will also do

nothing the $500 is assured

the system of rewards is important in

India we have the public sector

organizations the government-run

organizations now in these public sector

organizations the government offices

practically nothing is done it used to

be far worse a few decades ago it's

slowly getting better

practically nothing gets done people

come to office they sit around they

leave their seat for an hour they go and

take tea why because the rewards are

guaranteed there are time bound

promotions there are no consequences of

bad behavior no matter what you do you

can't be thrown out and the same Indians

when they come to USA they give their

best people are impressed these Indians

are very hard-working

what happened what changed it is the

system of rewards out here if somebody

doesn't perform the boss has that

facility to dismiss the person the same

day the consequences are important

similarly in the case of God is justice

is there but there is another rule

yatama are abundant eight tons the time

of Adam Mahad

the lord shri krishna says to the soul

Arjun if you surrender to me I will

bestow my grace upon and by that grace

he will burn me the entire stockpile of

Karma's of infinite lifetimes and

release us from the cycle of life and

death now if somebody says is it not

possible for God to bestow grace without

our surrendering to him

I mean God is merciful he has taught

this law of praise and by His grace

whenever he likes he can bestow his

mercy and put an end to all our

sufferings so supposing he bestowed his

grace without our having surrendered

would that not be a more kind and

compassionate God instead he sees our

sufferings and he waits and yet he does

not bestow His grace is that not very

harsh behavior not really if God became

irrational in his bestowing of grace if

he became whimsical and did not follow

rational rules people's faith in him

would have broken so God says if you

wish to reach that final goal you have

to deserve it by developing the

qualities required for it

developing the purity of heart required

for those qualities that purity of heart

is what the religious traditions in the

world are teaching us to imbibe and the

difficulties that come along the way are

very often good things that are

happening to us for our own benefit I

would like to end with another sweet

story there was a piece of wood it went

to a sculptor

and said can you make me beautiful the

sculptor said I am ready are you ready

the wood said I am also ready the

sculptor drew out his tools and started

chiseling and knocking on the wood the

wood experienced great agony and scream

don't don't

please how can you be so cruel the

sculptor said if you want to be

beautiful you have to be willing to

tolerate the pain the wood said all

right all right

do it but be a little kind do only in

small proportions every day so the

sculptor kept doing his word the wood

kept on complaining enough for today I

can't tolerate any more I've had enough

no more the sculptor continued and in a

few weeks the wood had been transformed

into a beautiful date and it got

installed in the temple of God so

similarly we souls are attached to the

temporary things the things that are not

enlightening and uplifting and from

there we are on this journey for the

eternal salvation of the soul a journey

that's me continuing and the things that

are happening to us

are very often unfolding the divinity

within us and like the struggle that the

butterfly needs to undergo

fill its wings we need to go through

many of these trials and tribulations to

become the great and perfect souls that

God wants us to be thank you all very




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