How to Contour for Beginners - Tina Yong

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hey guys Tina here welcome back to my

channel today's video is a very highly

requested video by you guys I asked you

guys in my New Year's Eve makeup

tutorial if anyone wanted to see a

contouring tutorial and a lot of you

guys commented and said yes so thank you

for those who left comments so here it

is today if you guys are new to

contouring or I haven't quite mastered

it yet keep watching and I'm going to

share with you some tips and tricks I've

already moisturized my skin so I'm going

to go ahead and apply my foundation

today I'll be using the L'Oreal True

Match super blendable foundation in gold

natural and I'll be applying it on with

my Beauty Blender

after that I'm going to conceal and

highlight my face using my L'Oreal True

Match concealer in vanilla and with

highlighting and concealing I just apply

it to the areas that I want to bring

forward and it's going to help create

that nice natural glow so I always do

under my eyes and I sort of do like a

triangle like sort and same the other


I also have some redness under my nose

so I'm going to conceal there also I

like to bring my chin forward a little

bit and just apply it underneath and

lastly just on my forehead and on the

bridge of my nose just a thin line for

the nose I usually do about there and a

little dot

at the end so I'm just going to blend it

into my skin and just using a tapping

motion because I don't want to shift and

move the concealer too much and can you

see once it's blended out it creates

more dimension to your face so this part

is the lighter plot and then later we're

going to go in and contour so that's

going to recede and sculpt the face

cool so now that I'm done with that I'm

going to move on to contouring today

I'll be using drugstore products because

a lot of you guys have requested that I

use more affordable products but I'll

also be pointing out the high end more

expensive product that you could use as

well so today I will be using the

Maybelline fit me foundation this one is

a stick one and the color is toffee

caramel so this is an actual foundation

because I couldn't find a cream

contouring products but it's just going

to work the same and it's pretty

affordable now if you want a high-end

product I recommend the stealer shape

and shade custom contour duo

I like to use the color medium with

contouring it all depends on your face

shape and which areas you want to pull

back and recede so if there's a certain

part of your face that you don't like

say your nose is you think it's too big

and you want to slim it down you can

swim the sides down and same goes for

your for your jaw line but basically the

ideal face shape is the oval face shape

so if you just draw an imaginary oval on

your face like so anything outside that

oval you can pretty much contour if you

go for the ideal face shape otherwise

you can just customize to your own face

and tie the areas that you don't like or

bring out the areas that you do with

highlighting so each person is going to

be very different today I'm going to

show you guys on my face shape and what

I would do to sort of define and sculpt

my face it could be different with your

face though so keep that in mind I

always like to start contouring

underneath my cheekbone

now everyone's face is different and a

lot of people like to do the fish

sucking face like so and they find where

their cheekbone is and just place it

into the hollows where they gap is and

you usually just contour there another

trick that I like to do and I find that

it's easier because when I do it on

clients sometimes getting them to do the

fish sucking space isn't isn't the best

I'm going to start up at the top of my

ear and visualize a line coming down to

the corner of my mouth so that's the

line that I want to contour but I'm

going to stop where my pupil is so then

I don't look too

sucked in so I'm going to do that now

so I've just stopped where my eye line

is and this could be a little bit

thicker if you want a really contoured

look but basically the thickest part

should be towards the ear and the

thinnest part should be near the mouth

so it should sort of taper cool so keep

in mind that if you go too high or too

low you can look out of proportion so

just make sure you remember that tip of

the ear to mouth line so I'm going to do

the same with the other side

next I'm going to move on to my forehead

now I always like to sort of contour

around the perimeters so this part

doesn't have to be very neat because I'm

going to blend it but basically I just

like to do the perimeters and also shade

in the sides a little bit

just to make my phone look a bit smaller

cooler looks at a crazy but that still

look I'm gone for now I'm going to move

on to my jawline and what I like to do

is just follow my jawline so let's start

off in the corner and the other side and

just follow along there now if you want

that really defined v-shape and make

your jaw line a bit more slimmer you can

also let's bring that contour up a

little bit

finally I'm going to contour my nose for

this I'm not going to use the stick

directly I'm going to grab a brush I'm

going to use my Sigma large shader brush

II 60 and I'm just going to grab some of

that product onto my brush now for this

you want to use a flat synthetic brush

because we're using cream products and

I'm going to draw two lines on the sides

of my nose so the closer that I draw

those lines is slim on my nose is going

to look the further apart the wider my

nose will book so I want my nose to look

fairly skinny so I'm going to go ahead

and do that I usually start off at the


and then just draw those two lines down

my nose so good trick if you want your

nose who lifted it is just to apply a

bit of that cream contour underneath and

if you feel like you have wider nostrils

and want to make them a look a bit

smaller light you can just apply a bit

of that contour on these sides also look

a bit crazy but that's a look I'm going

for now it's time to blend it all out

keep in mind that when you're contour

you can obviously blend as you go so you

don't have to map out your face

completely first and it depends on the

products because some products dry

quicker than others this one is still

blendable though so I'm going to go

ahead and grab my Beauty Blender and

just blend it all together again when

I'm blending I don't want to move and

shift the product too much so I'm just

going to use tapping motions when you

blend the contour around your forehead

make sure you just blend it up into your

hairline to this non gaps

now when it comes to blending out the

nose I find that the Beautyblender can

be a bit too big for that area so what I

like to do is just grab another brush

today I'm using the Sigma medium angled

shading brush II 70 so this is a bit of

fluffier than the flat brush and what

I'm going to do is just soften that line

out and use this brush to blend it so

then I get a more precise nose contrary

and don't forget to blend the nostril

area out once you blend it out the

contour lines you would notice that your

face looks more sculpted and possibly

even slimmer looking so you can just go

ahead and set your base and everything

on top with a translucent powder or if

you really want to amp up the contouring

a little bit you can go in with the

contour powder to set the cream areas

today I'm going to show you guys how to

do that with the Maybelline master

sculpt so this one here is the medium

dark shade now it does come with a

little brush so I'm just going to dip

that into the dark areas and just a

little bit of that not too much

basically I'm just going to apply it

over the areas that I applied the

contour so that's just going to help set

it and make the makeup last longer

so once the contoured areas are set I'm

just going to apply bit at the

highlighter shade onto the high points

of my face so I just apply it on the

areas that I conceal

and that's pretty much it now let me

just show you the before and after so

you guys can see the difference so

that's it to this tutorial I hope you

guys haven't do it another one of my

videos please leave any comments and

suggestions for future videos below

maybe you guys want to see like some

more smokey eye makeup so maybe this

green smokey eye if you want to see it

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I'll speak to you guys next time bye