Face replacement in video using a still image and Face Tools - After Effects tutorial

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hi friends this is video Lancer in this

video tutorial I will show you the way

of face replacement in a video using a

photo of another person to do this task

we'll use face tools it's a set of tools

and presets for face footages that will

expand considerably the features of

standard face tracking from After

Effects to learn more about face tools

features I recommend you watching this

video review so let's start choose

ellipse tool on the tool bar and detect

the face with a mask set mask mode to

none right click the mask and click

track mask select tracking method with

detailed features on the tracker panel

and click the analysis button

after tracking choose the frame wear

angle and mimics of the face will match

the face on the photo best

click set rest pose on the tracker panel

and then click extract and copy face

measurements now everything is ready for

using any preset from the face tools

library go to the motion bro panel and

click face replacement

open this replacement comp and here open

replacement comp older insert the photo

into this composition and place it so

that it could best match reference


now go back to replacement comp @e lips

mask around the face for the holder


make one or two frame tracking on the

tracker panel

if the tracking is successful these

markers should appear on the face they

are required for puppet points correct

positioning on the face and for rigging

points to the tracking data if the

tracking is not successful use this

reference image to pin the points

correctly so choose puppet pin tools and

pin the points on the holder composition

in the same order as the markers are



after that you can remove reference

points layer and face track points of

fact as they are not required anymore

select a holder composition and click

rig on the motion bro panel after this

action all the puppet pins are linked to

the data of face footage tracking to

hide the unnecessary part of the photo

set alpha map mode by face mask layer if

it is necessary improve the size and the

position of the face layer basing on the

original image

now using curves and tent effects change

color correction for the best matching

with the original footage


it would also be nice to change

brightness of separate parts of the face

on the photo so that light and shade

could best match the lighting on the

footage you can do it directly and

holder composition to see the final

result all the time you can display the

main composition on a separate screen


well it looks rather good on calm frames

but if an actor is speaking or turning

their head it becomes noticeable that it

is just a texture on the face to improve

this we'll use the eyes the nose and the

mouth of the original footage so go to

the holder composition switch mode of

these masks on slip mask layer to

difference now improve the position and

the shape of the masks according to the

features of the face on the photo


go back to the main composition as you

can see the position of the eyes nose

and mouth doesn't match the original

footage to improve this we transform

face parts first let's correct the eyes

position to do this go to the category

transform on the motion bro panel and

apply this preset open the preset

composition here you can shift scale and

tilt the eyes on settings layer

so transform the eyes of the original so

that their position and size could match

the target best

now do the same steps for the nose and

the mouth


it's nearly done all that is left is to

change greenish eyes to blue ones

to do this go to adjustment masks

category in motion bro panel and apply

pupils preset switch on adjustment layer

mode for the preset layer add curves

effect into it and change the tent

now open the preset composition and here

correct the shapes of the masks so they

match the shape of the eyes


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design well that was a video Lancer bye