Treating Skin Cancer

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the most that you hear about skin

cancers is the most common types which

comprises about 95% of skin cancers and

that's going to be basal cell carcinomas

and squamous cell carcinomas and

typically those are very treatable

typically require just an excision by a

regular dermatologist or a plastic

surgeon or something along those lines

occasionally a squamous cell will

metastasize to and with node and require

removal of all the lymph nodes in that

particular location for a basal cell

cancer to spread the left nodes it's

it's very rare and to spread to other

organs it's extremely rare the vast

majority of basal cell cancers and

squamous cell cancers of the skin have a

very good prognosis and are cured with

surgery alone approximately 5% of skin

cancers will be melanomas melanoma has a