Fun Animation Showing How to Identify a Theme within a Story

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ESOP was a writer in ancient greece who

wrote dozens of stories to teach us

lessons about life his stories are

called fables and the lessons are called

morals well what might happen if ISA

travelled through time and lived with us

today ESOP asa come downstairs we're

about to start book club what host

tonight I didn't read the book well then

you can sit and listen to our discussion

no worries mate I didn't read it either

you didn't well okay you can listen

along with eSAB actually uh I didn't

read it either sorry I just didn't get

to it well did anyone read the book ah

nobody read the book how are we gonna

have this book club if nobody reads the

book I have an idea let's have Esau tell

us one of those charming stories he's

always telling and then we'll talk about

that seriously talk about one of his