3 Principles To Master Storytelling

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The ability to tell a story well can literally transform your life.

It can land you a job in a crowded applicant pool, make you stand out on a first

date, or be the difference between your business succeeding and failing.

Today, I have a very special breakdown on storytelling

not just because storytelling is so important to charisma into life but

because I am actually in the breakdown as the interviewer

and the person that I'm interviewing is, without exaggeration, one of the people that I most admire on this planet.

His name is Scott Harrison and as the founder of Charity: Water, he's helped raise

over 100 million dollars by telling stories for a good cause. In his own words...

We can't imagine 660 million anything or quantity of anything let alone people without clean water.

There's no connection so what we've been intentionally doing, over 11 years now,

is telling stories of individual people — one of the 663 million names, faces, hopes, dreams—

So in this video, you are going to learn three of the most important principles

that will help you to tell more engaging stories in any environment.

And I need to warn you beforehand, these stories that are told in this video are heavy and they contain really sad but important messages

which is necessary when you're talking about the truth of why Charity: Water exists.

I'm also going to let the clips run a bit longer so that you can hear a bigger part of the story uninterrupted

and then I'll comment later. Here we go.

As things had it, I happened to be in a five-dollar-a-night hotel room in Ethiopia,

I was with a few donors — a small group — I was sitting in the kitchen of this hotel

and the hotel owner walks out recognizes me because we've been doing work in this region for a while