What is a seizure?

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A seizure is a brief episode of abnormal electrical activity in a person's brain

it's like when your radio goes fuzzy when you go through tunnel

or when you're Televisoin gets funny pictures for a couple

second then returned back to normal there

are many types of seizures

With some seizures a person become very stiff

they pass out your whole life shakes. Some people have seizures may become confused

may have movement that seems silly or don't make sense they might not respond for a couple of minutes.

some people have seizures that are so short that all they do is stare forward for

about 10 seconds and may just flutter their eyes

some people have seizures where very suddenly they become weak and fall to the ground.

Some people have seizures daily

others happen every couple of months and many kids have them every now and then

or never because there are medications to control them.

epilepsy is when a person has two or more seizures from

something other than a head injury or from being very sick.

Having Epilepsy or seizures is nobody's fault.

Sometimes people may have different types of seizures with their Epilepsy

some people with epilepsy may have a reason for their seizures

such as a brain injury when they were born. Or a trauma that may have occurred.

But for most kids with epilepsy we don't know the cause and we assume it was