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Hello and Welcome I hope all of you doing awesome and welcome to the next episode of

ask Raghav today I am going to take up a question asked by Mustafa and he says this is Mustafa

I am one of your subscribers I need help to stimulate my project to explain to the interviewer

if you can help me or you know someone senior can help me with that thank you willing to

pay for the sessions so Mustafa first thing everything is free you do not have to pay

anything and now coming to your question that is you need to explain your project to the

interviewer now I will tell you 5 basic points or a workflow how do you explain your project

in interview now if you have created the project yourself or you have been deeply involved

in the project creation along with the team then most of the times you will already know

everything about the project how it was created what are the components what is the structure

what are the libraries used how to run it what are the different options to run what

all things the project can do so these are the very basic things that you should be knowing

about the project and if you have created it or you have been involved the deeply in

the creation you know all these things but then you have to take care of five basic things

whenever you explain your project to the interviewer and that is number one is you should know

what are the requirements of the need for setting up the project why exactly you had

a need to create this project it can be automation framework or any other project what was a

need what is the problem it is going to solve so you should be very very clear on that that

what exactly you want to do and what is the problem you are aiming to solve with this

project or a framework now the second thing is you have to explain or should have an answer

to why did you select this particular project or tool or Framework for solving this problem