How much does your boyfriend know about periods?

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I'm so beat yeah and then that's yeah

right I'm Natalie on Tom we've been

dating for three years now turn off

three and a half years thanks and today

we're going to see how much he knows

about periods I feel like you know the

emotional side of things

hmm because of my experience yeah bye

Betty you have no idea about like the

logistics I don't know how it works I

don't know how you deal with them well

firstly you do you think men need to

know anything about this subject matter

do you think it's important yeah course

important otherwise how are you gonna

understand what you're going through I

think men generally especially if my

generation will say we'll make jokes

about it and put it down put any kind of

bad mood down to it as a way of just

like I don't know minimalizing any