How to explain Laid-off or Fired in a Job Interview

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hey everybody down George Fitch here

with you today and in this video I'm

going to tell you how you can explain to

a prospective employer that you were

laid off from your last job I mean it

happens at one time or another in your

career I mean people get laid off

there's nothing you can do about it and

it's even happened to me I've been laid

off if you can believe that someone

actually let me go I know I'm surprised

too but it hurts I've been there I've

been laid off many times in my career

sometimes for six or nine months at a

stretch with a wife and kids and bills

it gets expensive and it's really

difficult and it's hard to get through

and what I want to do is help you get

through this I want to teach you how you

can explain being laid off to a

prospective employer so that it doesn't