How to talk about DREAMS in English

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Every night you dream at least, at least 10 dreams a night. Do you remember your dreams?

If you do, you're well on your way to having some fantastic times when you close your eyes.

Today I'm going to teach you about one of my favourite things in the world ever - dreams

and dreaming. Maybe you know the Supertramp song: "Dreamer". I'm not going to sing it

for you, but I'm going to teach you about some things I know about dreams.

The first one is I want you to ask yourself this question: When you dream, do you dream

only in black and white or do you dream in colour? It's interesting because everyone's

different. When I dream, I always dream in colour. Some people only dream in black and

white, so it's a cool little thing you can ask your friends, ask your family, and see,

you'll find out everyone's different. Some people only dream in colour; some people only

dream in black and white. I do not know the psychology behind it. I think it's interesting,

but I don't know why.

The second question that I have for you is: When you dream, are you yourself? This means

first-person. So, are you...? Are you doing the action? Or are you watching or seeing

yourself do the action? Some people are both, and can do both; it can switch. For me, I

am always myself doing the action. Some people, it's like they're watching a movie, and they

are the star in the movie. And other people, like I said, can switch and do both. At one

point of the dream they can be a main character, and the other point or other dream, they can

watch themselves. How about you? Tell me your answers in the comments. Tell me. Do you dream

in black and white, or colour? And are you yourself in the dream or do you see or watch

yourself in a dream? We'll do a little survey and find out from answers all around the world.