Break Up Advice: When There's Kids involved

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hi there I'm coach Craig Kenneth and

today's video is about how to deal with

a breakup when kids are involved okay so

this is a very very difficult situation

and it doesn't necessarily have to be

that you've had kids with your partner

they could be kids that you brought into

the relationship or kids that they

brought into the relationship and they

are going to be affected about the

situation too so I got a great quote

here by Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud who

said we are never so vulnerable as when

we love and never so hopelessly unhappy

when we lose the object that we love

right so it's bad enough when we lose a

person during the break-up but we also

lose a lot of other people too

we lose friends family kids and that

believe it or not that matters I don't

know if you guys know this but those