Fifty Shades of Grey Explained For Prudes! (A Comedic Commentary)

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before we begin let me start by saying

it's easy to be an immaculate do-gooder

until you meet a billionaire

can you hear my eyes rolling the Stars

if I move it today ah Don Johnson's

daughter and her fashion sense in this

movie proves it

the Metro need not have a fashion Police

Department and Tippi Hedren s

granddaughter who is actually the same

person as Don Johnson's daughter

I was just amazed to find all this out

not that lie Sharon blue

our story begins with some sexy dirty

billionaire oh yeah you heard me

not a millionaire billionaire because

millionaire's ain't sexy enough running

around some dirty city then over to this

innocent little immaculate young lady

with bad bangs in a thrift store

wardrobe who for some reasons not