Understanding 4D -- The Tesseract

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so the other day I was doing my daily

browsing of Wikipedia when I found this

it represents a four dimensional cube or

tesseract undergoing a rotation along

both the XY and Z W planes

simultaneously this completely boggled

my mind and I just had the simulated

first of all let me point out that the

visualization is not four dimensional

rather it is a representation of four

dimensions in three dimensions and it is

then rendered on a two-dimensional

screen what does this mean well let's

take a cube it's a perfectly fine 3d

object I mean it's no four dimensional

cube or anything but it'll do for now we

can represent this cube as a series of

planes or cross-sections cut along the

XY or z axes obviously the 2d planes are

not actually 3d cubes rather they are

representations of 3d objects in a 2d