A Beginner's Guide to the Fourth Dimension

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we hear it all the time that our world

is three-dimensional it makes sense

after all we can only define up to three

directions each at a right angle to each

other the Dune interact with each other

no matter how far left or right you go

you won't move up at all but the moment

we try to add another dimension into the

mix it all breaks down no matter how

hard you try in our three-dimensional

universe you can't lay out four or more

directions that will interact now I know

what some people are thinking can we

consider time the dimension in simple

terms it does make sense we can measure

time and until one point in time from

another in a linear sense four hours

later is always four hours later just

like how four feet to the left is always

four feet to the left hey you could even

make time act like a spatial dimension